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  • “Your musical talent stands out; your solo performance skills are exceptional; your “life” lessons/experiences are universal and embracing. All of these attributes guarantee an entertaining performance. The value-added element, however, brings my enthusiastic recommendation. Your adaptability to time, place, and audience is truly exceptional. You seemed to sense intuitively the appropriate boundaries for secondary school adolescents, and you never crossed them. Nonetheless, your performance was anything but bland. All in all, you are a fine musician with a teacher’s soul. I want you to return to Foxcroft and I would recommend you to any of my independent school colleagues.” 

    Mary Louise Leipheimer
    Mary Louise Leipheimer Head of Foxcroft School - Middleburg, VA 
  • “What I most appreciate as a school head is that your performance was so in tune with your high school audience. We recognize that most of your concert tour is to college campuses, which frankly, built your appeal at Hebron, but we very much appreciate how right your show was for our students. They marveled at the quality and breadth of your music, enjoyed your humor, including the jabs at boarding school life and the things you “couldn’t say,” and connected with your comfortable, easy-going interaction. 

    I hope that we can have you back on the Hebron campus next time your tour brings you to New England. If you ever need an endorsement to other boarding schools or high schools, please let me know. Your music and your presentation are outstanding for high school audiences, and most importantly, you are a hit with the kids.”

    John J. King
    John J. King Head of Hebron Academy - Hebron ME
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