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Jason brings his positive energy and skills as a keynote speaker, professional entertainer, summer camp program director, online teacher, and team-building expert to captivate and educate his audiences. Attendees will be elevated, informed, and inspired to positively influence their teams, companies, campuses, and communities.

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From the singular opening keynote to an entirely customized retreat with team-building workshops, breakout sessions, and evening activities, Jason will deliver the most effective program on-site or online to best serve your teams on their professional and leadership development journey.  

  • Virtual Programs
  • Orientation & First Year Experience
  • Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Greek Life
  • Student Athletes
  • Resident Advisors
  • Student Government
  • Faculty Advisors
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Officer Transitions
  • And… Make Leadership Fun!  
  • Jason LeVasseur hit the ball out of the park! His engaging keynote inspired our new students to embrace their individual talents, get outside their comfort zone and thrive as members of our campus community. The message was powerful, fun and inspiring. We are looking forward to having him back in the fall.

    Ken Brill  Associate Dean & VP Student Life  - Augustana College, Rock Island, IL 
  • Jason’s leadership keynote is engaging and dynamic. He is able to blend high-quality content, music, and humor to deliver meaningful leadership lessons that inspire, motivate, and educate. He spoke at our regional leadership conference and many of the attending schools enthusiastically asked how they could bring him to their campuses. Highly recommended!

    Brian Gardner  Assistant Dean & Director Student Involvement - Maryville University,  Saint Louis, MO
  • Jason made the participants feel so comfortable, they were hugging him as they came on and off the stage, they looked up to him as a talent to learn from and even asked his advice throughout the day. He also did a great job of making the crowd feel like their encouragement and reactions mattered and they were more engaged in the show than I have ever seen. Jason is great to work with, he comes early, stays late and always has a smile on his face. He makes my job more fun, just by being there for the day.

    Lizz Zmarlicki Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Leader - Johnson & Wales University - Providence, RI 
  • I have had the true pleasure of working with Jason LeVasseur on three separate occasions and each time Jason far exceeded my expectations. While I was the conference chair for the Washington State College Unions Leadership Conference, we invited Jason to be our Keynote Speaker. He hit the ball out of the park! In attendance at the conference were over 500 traditional and non-traditional students as well as staff, faculty, and advisors. It was here that he showed his true gift of being able to connect with individuals from ages 17 to 70. Since then I have twice brought Jason to my campus to speak to my incoming traditional and non-traditional students. He has the ability to tailor his content to his audience allowing him to connect with anyone no matter the situation, using music, humor, and life experiences to convey his message. I will continue to invite him to our future events as both a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. I highly recommend Jason LeVasseur.

    Aaron Tuttle Director of Student Life - Grays Harbor College, Aberdeen, WA
  • Jason is a longtime member of NACA and, as the Executive Director of this organization, I have had the pleasure of watching his work not only a performer but as a great speaker, facilitator and educator. Our conventions and meeting are ripe with numerous adults with varying degrees and responsibilities on their campuses. All of them have desired outcomes they must meet in order to show value for their time spent with us. Jason is one of the best at realizing this and leveraging his talent to impact those he presents to. From fellow associates in the business world of college entertainment, to PhD. wielding professors, to delivering keynote addresses to our student affairs professional staff, I have seen Jason lead and engage all of them. As an exec I understand how you will be reflected by the people you bring in to facilitate and work with your members. I recommend Jason to you with a clear conscious.

    Toby Cummings CAE of The National Association for Campus Activities

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